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How To Go Fragrance-Free!

via: (This site is full of great articles on removing toxic fragrances from your life.) by: Linda Sepp ll it takes is a decision to go fragrance-free! It should be easier than quitting smoking since there aren’t supposed to be addictive chemicals in fragrances, right? Due to the fact that so many people are now […]

Fabric Softener is the #1 Cause of Indoor Air Pollution

Fabric softener ads often portray an image of comfort, freshness and sweetness. Yet most fabric softeners contain a grim list of known toxins which can enter your body through the skin and by inhalation, causing a wide range of health problems, particularly for young children. Here are some of the harmful ingredients commonly found in liquid or […]

The Benefits of White Vinegar for Laundry

Skin irritations and rashes are considered to be an unfortunate but common side effect of using a new laundry detergent. However, a study by the University of Washington has found that many of the top-selling laundry products are packed full of toxic compounds. Anne Steinemann, one of the professors who worked on the study, said she was […]

10 Worst Kitchen Cleaning Products & Alternatives

Kitchens get dirty quickly, but when you clean them with toxic cleaning products they’re far worse than a little grease and grime. Many all-purpose cleaners, degreasers, oven cleaners and drain clog removers on store shelves contain seriously concerning ingredients for your health and for the environment. The Environmental Working Group (EWG) recently released 10 low-scoring kitchen […]

Scented Trashbags: Killing You Softly

Have you seen those Febreze commercials with the pseudo-scientific experiments in which people are blindfolded and exposed to garbage?  When the blindfolds are removed people are elated and overjoyed that they couldn’t smell the filth right below their noses.  There is no miracle odor-elimination chemical at work here—just the work of toxic chemicals. As if […]

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